jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013


Works from British artist Anthony McCall (UK, 1946) will be exhibited for the first time in Argentina. The exhibit “El Aleph”, curated by Alfons Hug, director of the Rio de Janeiro Goethe Institut and prominent curator of the Biennial of São Paulo, proposes site specifics installations from Anthony McCall and German artist Mischa Kuball.

Mc Call´s  unique projections, which he has been developing since the 70’s, are on the edge of film, sculpture and drawing: animation lines, drawn in white on black, projected in a dark room full of fine mist (originally they where made of smoke and dust), therefore two-dimensional drawings are seemingly tangible, becoming sculptural forms in real space. These forms bathe the exhibition space and the viewer in a sculpture of light.

Despite its conceptual and formal rigor, McCall always creates an open, public, space where viewers can move around, interact with the work, enter the beam of light and modify its appearance.

In parallel, the work presented by Mischa Kuball “space - speech - speed” shows thousands of moving light reflections.

The exhibition theme is centered on the temporary and proposes the presentation of art works constructed by light in reference to the story “The Aleph” by Jorge Luis Borges. This proposal is not only a tribute to an icon of the twentieth century world literature, but also suggests a number of crucial issues in aesthetics as the transformation of a literary space into a physical space, the management of metaphors and symbols in both genders and different degrees of abstraction in the arts, or the meaning of the immateriality of light.

Fuente : Faena Art Center

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