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La compañía Idle Motion Theatre del Reino Unido presenta obras de teatro con temas Borgeanos

About Idle Motion

Over the past three years Idle Motion have created several pieces of physical and highly visual theatre. They work collaboratively to devise their productions, embracing the unknown and using play, workshops and improvisation to form their ideas and pieces. Their commitment to watching and sharing theatre is essential to their work, as is the sense of enthusiasm and fun that remains a constant in their rehearsals.

They are based in Oxford and are working as Artists in Residence at The Oxford Playhouse. They are a small company with big ideas and a huge passion for creating exciting and beautiful new work.

‘Idle Motion are an incredibly exciting young theatre company, who are already making work of real distinction. As an ensemble who devise and perform together, they are a committed and talented group who deserve to be seen by a wider audience. Their work is visually beautiful and emotionally engaging; they have a great talent for story-telling.’

Borges and I

Nominated for Best Emerging Company by Total Theatre Awards 2009

Idle Motion explore the parallels between Borges’ life, his stories, and his readership, taking you on a journey where books transform from a flock of birds, to a city, to an airplane. As these worlds collide, a vivid portrait of a man emerges during which we witness the aspirations of a librarian and of love found in a book group.

‘Dedicated, insightful, inspired...definitely a company to keep an eye on‘ Broadway Baby

Sophie: Sophie Cullen
Nick: Joel Gatehouse (2009)
Nick Pitt (2010)
Borges: Julian Spooner (2009)
David Luke (2010)
Hilary: Grace Chapman
Ellie: Ellie Simpson
Kate: Kate Stanley
Paul Slater
Robbie Wilson (2009)
Abby Reeves (2010)
Iggy Jeffery (2010)

The Vanishing Horizon

Idle Motion stick to their winning formula
Did someone accuse Idle Motion of being one-hit wonders? Because as if in response to such an accusation, the company has recreated the success of its 2009 smash Borges and I with near-scientific precision. Recreated, that is, as opposed to surpassed.

Make no mistake, The Vanishing Horizon is still one of the most compelling shows you’re likely to see at this year’s Fringe: an exquisite weaving-together of music, text, movement and design in which each element supports and bolsters every other. But the pattern of the weave remains exactly the same as for Borges and I: suitcases replace books, pioneering aviatrixes replace Jorge Luis Borges and the heartache of an absent parent replaces that of impending sight loss, but the proportions remain comfortably unchanged.

Perhaps there’s nothing wrong with sticking to a winning formula, and winning this formula certainly is: the luggage-based set pieces alone are so delightfully innovative that some spark spontaneous applause when deployed. Surely, though, innovation of this calibre could be put to better use than reliving past successes.

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