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Nueva York : Las obras completas de Borges proyectadas en el puente de Manhattan

En el marco del Festival Dumbo Arts de Nueva York 2014

Borges: Las obras completas comprende todas las palabras que Jorge Luís Borges ha escrito en sus obras completas, tanto en el español original y en la traducción al inglés.

Presentado en un formato de búsqueda de palabras, cualquier persona puede verlas  tanto en  inglés, como en español. Cada versión comprende 135.000 caracteres y juntas contienen más de un millón de palabras escondidas.

En el puente de Manhattan, en Nueva York, todas las palabras se proyectan en una  pantalla colectiva. Comprende cada palabra seleccionada por cualquier persona que juegue en la computadora de su casa, o en sus teléfonos celulares o en el mismo sitio. La pantalla colectiva se actualiza cada treinta segundos, por lo que cualquiera de las palabras marcadas en los dispositivos aparecen en la pantalla del puente en vivo.

Para jugar desde la computadora ir a :

Borges: The Complete Works comprises every word that Jorge Luis Borges has ever written, both in the original Spanish and in English translation. Presented in a word search format, anyone can view the board and circle words (one board for English, another for Spanish). Each board is 135,000 characters, together containing over a million hidden words.

On the Manhattan Bridge, a collective board will be projected. It will combine every word circled by anyone working on the board from home, or on their phones at the site. The collective board updates every thirty seconds, so anyone circling words on their device would see their selections appear on the bridge live.

The web project can be seen here:

Daniel Temkin (b. 1973, Boston) makes images, programming languages, and interactive pieces exploring our inherently broken patterns of thought, and the clash between human thinking and algorithmic logic. He has appeared on PBS’s Off Book series and presented at academic conferences such as GLI.TC/H, Media Art History (in 2011, Liverpool and 2013, Riga), the New Media Caucus, as well as hacker conferences such as Notacon and HOPE. His essays have been published in World Picture Journal, Media-N Journal, NOOART, and the GLI.TC/H Reader. His programming language Velato, which requires programmers to write music to control code, belongs to the software art collection, and his Dither Studies and Glitchometry are archived by Rhizome-at-the-New-Museum’s ArtBase. His work has been shown at Mass MoCA, American University Museum, and featured at galleries such as Transfer, Christopher Henry, Higher Pictures and Carroll/Fletcher.

Rony Maltz (b.1983, Rio de Janeiro, RJ) holds an MFA in Photography from the ICP-Bard College (2012), in New York, and a BA in Social Communications from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2005). Borges: The Complete Works is a word-search grid comprising the entire literary output of Jorge Luis Borges, and was projected at 3-LD Arts & Media Center, in Manhattan, December 2012. Riocities, a book with photographs taken in Rio de Janeiro, participated in the Portuguese-Brazilian Festival in Soho, 2012, and was also featured in the NY Art Book Fair (2012 and 2013). In 2014, Maltz founded ABRASIVA, focused on photography, film and theater production. Their photobooks were recently exhibited in art book fairs at the Museum of Image and Sound, in São Paulo, and at RioArtsClub, in Rio. ABRASIVA’s latest film, Repartida, was awarded best short-film at The Walkers contest. Maltz also works as a free-lance reporter for publications such as Folha de São Paulo and O Globo, and is currently teaching a workshop at Ateliê da Imagem, in Rio: The Photography Book, How to Use, aiming to explore the artistic and narrative possibilities of the photobook.
Fuente : Dumbo Arts Festival

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  1. A pesar de que Borges es bastante conocido, es bueno que dediques un espacio al trabajo de este autor, te felicito.