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Borges Café - Hotel Villa San Carlo Borroneo -Milan -Italia

Hotel Villa San Carlo Borromeo • Piazza Borromeo, 20 - Milano Senago • Italy •

En la Villa San Carlo Borromeo, en Milán, han estado muchos escritores de prestigio, entre ellos Jorge Luis Borges, de ahí que el café del hotel, en el palacio, lleve el nombre del escritor.

The Mediterranean confronts anything coming from other seas and lands, and from here it departs again. Milan is the cultural and financial capital of the Mediterranean in Europe. Milan is the promoter of Italy's transformation, there is not one cultural, artistic and even political movement, that as of now does not cross through Milan.

Twenty minutes from Milan's city center, in Senago, surrounded by a magnificent twelve hectare age-old park, Hotel Villa San Carlo Borromeo is waiting for you. Attended by artists, entrepreneurs, writers and voyagers from around the globe, the Hotel has 51 bedrooms and suites, furnished with distinguished elegance and attention to detail, with frescoed ceilings and antique furniture, with original paintings and sketches of the great Maestros of art.

Hotel Villa San Carlo Borromeo
Piazza Borromeo 20, Milano Senago (Italy)
Tel. +39 02/994741 Fax +39 02/99474241 e-mail info@villaborromeo.com

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